For Two

I learned something. While exporting my latest painting photos last night I received an error message and my photos were corrupted. In my attempt to repair them, I lost them. It was horrible. But I learned to backup photos as soon as possible. It was a good lesson. Unfortunately that left me with no photos to share today. So this morning I had to take a new shot of the final piece.


It was done on an 8″x10″ canvas over two days, from life, and with natural light. Usually I use an incandescent spotlight to get my exact lighting. This time I had to get crafty. I built a box around the still life using cardboard and adjusted the angle of the box in order to distribute the light and shadows where I wanted.

The concept for the painting came about when I was making tea with the red teapot. I received it as a Christmas gift from my girlfriend’s brother and was immediately struck by its wonderful color. I knew I had to put it in a still life. But the full idea didn’t come into being until I was making a nice sapphire tea with it. I sipped at my tea and thought of the phrase “tea for two” and realized I needed to make a painting that played off those words. However, I wanted there to be an uneasiness in the painting. So I excluded teacups and included two shortbread cookies instead. I wanted the viewer to wonder why the cookies were out but no cups. Why would someone set out tea like that? And to complete the composition and create a color theme, I added a red box of tea.

When I finished the painting, I discovered that I wanted to name it. I haven’t done that to any of my paintings so far. But I felt like it needed a name. So borrowing from the phrase “tea for two,” I have named this painting “For Two.”

With this posted, I am once again off to Boston. This time to visit the Museum of Fine Arts and see the exhibit of John Singer Sargent watercolors.

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