My First Children’s Book

A little over a year ago I was taking a fiction writing class at UNH. One of our assignments was to write a children’s book. When I sat down to work it out, I found the story came to me easily. There was something freeing and wonderful about creating a story for children. I did not have to worry about complicated prose or a convoluted plot. I was able to pare down my writing to its basic form.

My professor wound up loving my story and told me I should work on it further. Well the words sat in my computer for 10 or 11 months and then I decided I would edit them and add illustrations. So for the last three months I have been working on developing the book.

Though I have been working on coloring the illustrations, I don’t have any pages that are finished yet. So I will show off several of my preliminary sketches.






I’m keeping the general story secret for now, but the characters are from a family that makes costumes for a living.

This coming week I’m hoping to get another tea themed painting done.

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