Boots and Snow

After painting several teapots, I wanted to move in a different direction. So I went in the garage and grabbed whatever I found interesting. For the next ninety minutes I added and subtracted objects to my still life until I had an arrangement I was satisfied with.

Because there were more than three objects, I started with a line drawing. It helped keep things organized later on.


Next I went in with blocks of color.

As I was working, I occasionally scraped down the canvas. The paint kept building up rapidly and I didn’t want the colors to get too muddied.


Once the objects were defined, I worked left to right.

The right side boot was tricky to get correct. The perspective threw me for a bit of a loop and I had to adjust its size several times.

20140214-172717.jpgAfterwards, I went back and tinkered with some shadows. But I was mostly done.


As I was finishing, I was struck with an idea for another still life.20140214-172740.jpgPlane. Camera. Suitcase. I found these three things up in my mother’s photography studio and knew they needed to be combined into a still life.


The antique camera proved to be difficult to paint. Its rounded edges made it appear rectangular at one glance and more cylindrical at the next glance.

20140214-172756.jpgI went a little sloppy with my color blocks in order to give myself breathing room later on.


Once again I worked left to right.


For some reason I did not find myself as interested in this still life as I was the first one. I  enjoyed it, but I think my mind was already moved on to thinking about more still life paintings.


I am going to be submitting these two paintings to a new artist show at the New Hampshire Art Association gallery in Portsmouth. I feel I have a good chance to get in, and I am excited to submit.

I did not have as much free time in the evenings as I did the last two weeks, and so I only got three digital pieces done. This one was based on reddit user julio1990’s photo.


Referenced user cluisart’s photo.


User scrambledramble once again offered chihuahua pictures for reference. I found myself on a bit of a dog kick and spent most of my time perusing the animal photos in search of more pets to draw. Unfortunately, I was only able to get two dogs drawn.

I’m finally getting in a rhythm with photoshop. It’s getting easier and easier to compose my drawings. That being said, I am positive there are hundreds of techniques out there that I still need to learn. I’m sure I’ll be watching lots of video tutorials in the next couple of weeks.

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