Watercolors in the Sun

I haven’t used watercolors since my summer in Italy. God. That was two years ago. So I haven’t used watercolors in a long time. And before then I’d never even used them. What I’m getting at is that I’m very inexperienced with the medium. But today as I was sunning by the pool with my girlfriend I got inspired to give them a try.

I spent about three hours on the sketch and I feel like that’s about as far as I could take it. I realized I’d made quite a few mistakes at the start of the painting and those mistakes eventually turned into problems in the later stages. Still, it was fun. I will definitely be using watercolors more often now.

The painting is 12″x16″, but I measured in two inches from every side in order to give myself some breathing room.

photo 2


My girlfriend took a picture of me while I was painting. I don’t own any sunglasses for some reason, so I wound up borrowing some from my mom and they made my face look small and childish. I swear I’m almost 23.

photo 1

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