Coos Canyon Bridge


This Memorial Day weekend I went camping up near Weld, Maine with my girlfriend, her brother, and her sister. We stayed at Mount Blue State Park and were able to hike both Blueberry Mountain and Tumbledown Mountain. I did a little watercoloring at the top of Blueberry, but rain forced us to pack up and head back down. Luckily, we found our way over to Coos Canyon in Byron, Maine and I was able to set up in the gorge and get some painting done. I got about two hours into it and the rain forced me out again. I eventually finished the sketch by using a photo reference.



I worked about 2 hours in the canyon, and 7 hours by reference at home. Despite  only being a 9″x12″ sheet, I found myself getting lost in the painting. Watercolors are very different than oils. I made quite a few mistakes, but I learned a lot.

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