Painting the River…. Oh Wait

Once again I went north this past weekend and visited the White Mountains. We met up with my girlfriend’s cousin, who is hiking the Appalachian Trail, and camped out Saturday night. But during the day Saturday we went to a river and I set myself up to do a watercolor. And then we got some bad joo joo. One person in our party locked the keys in the trunk of one car, so then we only had my CRV. And then my girlfriend’s future brother-in-law fell into the river and broke his toe. Except we weren’t sure if it was broken or sprained, so we hopped in my car and drove around looking for medical attention. Eventually we found some EMTs who looked at it and directed us to Plymouth Hospital. Turned out that he broke it pretty good. So I was unable to do a plein air painting, but that’s okay! Because I’ve spent some time doing a watercolor of my girlfriend.



I feel eh about this. From the start I made sure to push the watercolors in new directions. I went deeper and stronger with the color and only used a quick pencil sketch as a guide. So while I’m not too happy, I think I did benefit from the practice. The background did come out how I envisioned it though. So that’s good.

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