Another Teapot

I suppose I have a thing for teapots and kettles. I’ve done several paintings of them and whenever I’m at a junk store I look at their collection and imagine the still life paintings I could make. There’s something about the roundness and surface shine that just clicks with me. I especially like the solid color pots. A couple weeks ago I did a quick pen and ink sketch of one of my teapots.


You may recognize this pot as the blue one I used in my watercolor from a month or so ago. I’m thinking of doing an oil painting of it as well.

A few days ago I was walking through the art building on campus and came across a small showing of Craig Hood‘s work. He was my advisor and several time professor during my undergrad. Recently he did a few practice sketches in preparation for some paintings. These sketches were what were on show.






I’ve never been one for drawing softly, but how I do love the softness of these drawings. If you check out Craig Hood’s website you’ll see that even his paintings are done in this style. I think I’ll attempt a few drawings like his. I’ve found that when I experiment with different techniques I learn the most.

I’m sorry for being late with this post. I’ve started a new job and my time is being eaten up. Gonna try to be better for next week.

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