Passing Through the MET

It’s spring break and I’m down in South Carolina. My girlfriend’s aunt and uncle recently moved down, so we’re hanging at their place. It’s wonderful to be able to sit outside in shorts and a t-shirt. And it looks like we got down here just before snow hit New Hampshire again. So huzzah to that!

On our way down we stopped in NYC and took in the sights. I’d never been. Which is strange since I live only 5 hours away. We saw Times Square and Rockefeller and then we stopped at Christie’s. It blew my mind. For once I could see museum quality pieces and know their probable cost. We spent a little time in there, but left before knocking over a statue and putting ourselves deep in debt.

From there we went to the library, Central Park, and the Shake Shack. I’d read this article on the company and was interested in stopping at one of its locations. Lemme tell you. They have some tasty burgers and fries. Then it was to the MET.

We were pretty tired at that point, so we took frequent couch breaks as we wandered through the museum. After marveling at the artifacts from Egypt, the painters of the Renaissance, and the Impressionists, we stopped off at the European sculpture gallery.

I took some time to work on a sketch of Domenico Guidi’s Andromeda and the Sea Monster.


By taking some time, I mean it took me two hours to do such a simple sketch… I wasn’t too happy about that. Though it was nice to rest, I had wanted to get in a couple statues. Unfortunately, it took forever to figure out the angles of her neck and body. She’s in quite the contorted pose. I worked on the pencil sketch for fifty minutes before just giving up and going straight into pen. It worked out in the end. Except I tried my brush pen and wound up laying in too much ink in some areas. Her arm did not have that much black.

This week is going to be one non-stop adventure, but I’m going to try to get in some more drawings. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Passing Through the MET

    • Oh thanks! I completely agree! Later in my trip I went to the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. and saw Van Gogh’s La Mousme and was completely blown away by his use of color. The girl’s left arm (viewer’s right) is fluorescent green, which is a detail you can’t see too well in most photos. And up close to the painting I was also able to see how Van Gogh included flecks of red in the arm to contrast with the green. Those complexities are making me think about how I want to use color in my next painting. I wish I lived close enough to a museum so that I could study the masters all the time!

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