Halfway There

Less than a month to go until the end of summer and I’m back in school. I know it’ll go fast. So I have to be as productive as possible with my remaining time. Speaking of which,  I just finished up making my third wheel of cheese. Though while I was waiting I cleaned up my makeshift cheese cave (a mini-fridge) and brushed down the other two wheels and found out I had to toss my second wheel. The first is still doing fine, but the second got too dry and was cracking and breaking. Good news is that I felt the least lost making cheese this time. Still gonna be a couple more tries before I can do it without mistakes.

I’ve still been going to plein air painting sessions on Wednesdays and have two more paintings to show from those sessions. I’m thinking I might set up the GoPro one of these times and do a timelapse. I usually finish a painting within three hours so I should be able to do it in one take. Anyway, here are the paintings:
pleinair2017 - 2

Last Wednesday we went to Wagon Hill Farm in Durham. The farmhouse was under construction and it was hot in the gardens so I followed the walking trails out towards the water and painted a tidal inlet.

pleinair2017 - 1

Yesterday we went to the Coppal House Farm which has a massive field of sunflowers. Again it was hot. And again I couldn’t find inspiration where I thought I’d find it. I wandered around the flowers but wound up back near the farm buildings looking at the different tractors. One of the owners told me that the beast above is used to harvest the sunflowers and grain.

pleinair2017 - 3

I only spent two hours on the painting because they had to use the tractor at noon. I think in the amount of time I had I did a good job of capturing the different edges and corners. It was a fun painting to do.


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