Adams Point

Today I drove over to Adams Point in Durham to meet with the NHAA plein air group. On my way from the car I heard some loud screeching and looked up to see a red tail hawk sitting in a tree. It was unbelievably large. After taking a grainy video of the bird I wandered until I found an area to paint.

adamspoint2017 - 1

Adams Point is a large bay off a tidal river connected to the ocean. This means the water is still salty and has tides. It was high tide when I got there and I climbed down the bank to stand on the rocky shore and paint the bay. I was glad I wore hiking shoes because of the terrain.

adamspoint2017 - 2

Above you can see the perspective I was working with.

adamspoint2017 - 3

The painting is only 8 x 10″ and since it’s not too large I was able to finish it in two hours.  I like how the coastline I was standing on curves like an S and is mirrored by the land in the distance. I think it works well from a composition standpoint. Hopefully I can get a couple more plein air paintings done before I am back in school and teaching!

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