New School Year

School is back in session. The past three weeks have been pretty hectic and I’ve barely had any time to draw, paint, or write. Hopefully these two paintings will hold y’all over until I have more free time.

summerpaintings2017 - 2

Now that I think about it, I’ve been working on and off again on the above painting for the past ten months. Whenever I felt an urge to paint, I sat down and focused on a particular section of the still life (which has been collecting dust in the corner of our spare bedroom). It’s not the most cohesive painting but I’ve been using it as practice. It kept my painter’s brain exercise over the winter so I wasn’t rusty when summer came and I was back outside to paint. Though it’s a sketch and I’ll likely never finish it, I thought I’d post it because it’s unique in that it shows a painting in flux. Some of my favorite paintings in museums are unfinished works. They have more energy. And they also show how the artist worked. Here you can see how I struggled with the jar on the left and resorted to redrawing it several times, which has left a blue outline around the entire thing. You can also see how I didn’t spend us much time on the black and gold vase or the orange box. They just didn’t interest me as much as the left side of the painting.

summerpaintings2017 - 1

On Labor Day I had some time and I decided to paint my girlfriend’s new succulents. I had to work quick in the dying sunlight. I was able to work for about 2.5 hours. Originally I wanted to focus solely on the pyramid succulent planter, but I decided to include the entire window space, including the glass table beneath the planter, the curtain, and the hanging plant. It was fun to push my colors away from earthy tones and towards purples and pinks.

That’s it for tonight. Hopefully I’ll sneak in a few more plein air paintings before it grows too cold.

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