Sketchbook Tour 2019-2020

Last summer Sarah bought me a sketchbook from The Sketchbook Project for my birthday. It’s a cool project where artists fill in sketchbooks and send them off to the Brooklyn Art Library. Visitors can then check them out and read them.

If you finish your sketchbook in the allotted time, then they will be taken on a tour and brought to several cities in the US. Though I did not finish my sketchbook on time, it will still be kept in the main library and uploaded to the website. Once that is done, I will share the individual pages here.

Until then enjoy my quick walk through of the sketchbook!


Jigger Johnson Campground, Arethusa Falls, and Franconia Falls

This weekend I went camping with my girlfriend and some friends up in the White Mountains. We went up Saturday, set up camp at Jigger Johnson Campground right off the Kancamagus, and hiked Arethusa Falls in the afternoon. It was a cool hike, though I was slightly disappointed by the adjoining Frankenstein Cliffs trail. The view at the end was just about average. Sunday we packed up and on our way out of the areas we hit up the Lincoln Woods trail. It was a nice flat trail that used to be tracks for trains. A couple miles down and it joins up with the Franconia Falls trail, which leads to some awesome waterfalls and swimming holes. It was there that I managed to squeeze in a watercolor.



I only spent about an hour on this sketch, but I felt so confident through the entire process. The process is beginning to feel quite natural. But although I’m enjoying watercolors, I really can’t wait to get back to oils.


Also, I took my early birthday present along and caught some footage of the trip!

My parents decided to spoil me and give me a GoPro. I’m beyond happy.