Two Sketches in Two Mediums

Last Friday I drove home from my girlfriend’s apartment, unpacked my school bag, and realized I’d left my laptop charger at her place. I was forced to write out my papers on loose leaf. And since I couldn’t sit around on the Internet that afternoon, I got some sketches done.

self-portrait charcoal 2014

First I set my easel up in the bathroom for a self-portrait. There wasn’t a lot of space in there and I wound up balancing¬†85% of the easel on the sink under the mirror. The other 15% was supported by one of the easel’s legs. But it couldn’t reach the ground, so I had to stuff my paint rag box underneath of it. Once I got everything ¬†jerry-rigged I set my 12″ x 18″ drawing pad on the easel and went to work with a stick of charcoal.

I called it quits after an hour. I didn’t want to spend too much time working on it. Overall, I’m pleased. My only complaint lies with the lips. They’re obviously off, making it look as though my upper jaw protrudes a good deal farther than my lower jaw. It was a fun drawing and I wanna do more weekly charcoal sketches.

After I got done drawing, I busted out the watercolors and did a small still life.

blue teapot watercolor

I worked on this for about 2 hours, trying to be as fast as possible. I went directly into the paper and didn’t use a sketch. You can see this approach led to some wonky shapes/perspective. Watercolors aren’t exactly as forgiving as oils. I thought of going back in once I was finished and redrawing everything with a pen. But I decided to just let it stay a sketch and not worry about it anymore.

Next update I’ll have a few drawings from the children’s book I’m working on for my grammar project.