The Villa

It’s crunch time. The semester is ending and my papers seem to all be due on the same date. It’s made for long hours of typing and flipping through notebooks. One of my projects was to design a lesson plan around multimedia or multimodal texts. Since I have been writing about the educational benefits of comics the entire semester, I decided to incorporate comics into my lesson plan. After I finished writing and constructing the exercise, I then had to execute it as though I were a student. I answered my own questions, analyzed comics, and then drew my own six-page comic. I based it off a poem I wrote for a previous lesson plan.





I wanted this comic to be short and simple, but like most things I undertake, it wound up being overcomplicated. I’ve had the idea to do a graphic novel about my school years at The Villa and I tested out some of those ideas in this comic. Therefore I decided to include a perspectival drawing of the outdoor stairs when that wasn’t necessary for the assignment. That took the most time.

The stairs on page 4 aren’t exactly to perspective and it bugs me, but I was rushed for time. I started plotting out the lines and then I just winged it. I think it turned out all right.

Despite my struggles, I enjoyed working on this comic immensely. I kept smiling as I drew the children, remembering classmates who wore similar outfits.

In a couple weeks I’m going to go to The Villa with my mother to snap some photos. It’s closed now and in a state of limbo, so I want to get some good reference pictures in case it gets bulldozed over. That way I will have something to go by if I do start the graphic novel.

Next week I will update with the remaining drawings from NaNoDrawMo.