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I recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2016 with a Master’s in Education. I’m off into the world to teach English and bring art into literature!

I was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, and then moved to New Hampshire. I’ve spent the majority of my life living in the Granite State and in May 2013 I earned my B.A. in Studio Arts and English from the University of New Hampshire.

I started seriously writing in 2009 and since then have had several short stories and articles published by UNH magazines. I tend to write literary fiction that dissects worldly issues through fantastical themes. Absurdity is a topic I love diving into.

I started painting around the same time I took up writing. Though I lean towards an expressionistic style of painting, I have begun experimenting with more classical styles.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. “Back from the South” … very nice choice of paintings; Caillebotte is great and for some reason not well known and I like your thoughts about Corot in the way he dealt with architecture … his Italian paintings are superb. Your sketches are lovely.

  2. Thank you! I totally agree about Caillebotte. He has some absolutely lovely paintings, and it’s unfortunate that in school I only heard of him when we briefly discussed The Floor Scrapers . And I have not spent a lot of time looking at Corot, but since this trip I’ve looked at his work several times. It’s great going to a museum and then going home and going online and comparing what I saw to other works by the same artists. It’s one huge benefit of living in this digital age for sure.

  3. We saw you painting a small study of waves on Drakes Island Beach. We were interested in the finished painting. I have looked at your site, and your work is lovely!

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